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by Ivy Julease Newman (p. 22)

March 10, 2014

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Interview on De bem com a vida TV (Brazil) / November 25, 2013


The Columbia Spectator

Harlem initiative helps small businesses with administrative, technical work

By Christian Zhang

February 28, 2013

“You’re trying to meet the needs of your client and trying to meet the needs of your business,” said Ivy Julease Newman, TC ’08, principal of The Viney Group, a consulting firm founded in 2011. Read More…


Screen-shot-2013-03-09-at-3.18.38-PMThe Harlem Times

HBA to Use $700K Grant to Support Small Businesses

By Jeff Mays, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

February 22, 2013
“…Ivy Julease Newman, president and founder of The Viney Group, a boutique marketing and consulting firm, said the Harlem Business Alliance has helped her with her bookkeeping functions. ‘I am so much more organized. Better bookkeeping has allowed me to make projections and it keeps me on a schedule,’ Newman said…” Read More…

Practicing Chastity

by Ivy Julease Newman, as told to S. Tia Brown

January 19, 2011

“Let me get right to the point: I’m chaste. That means no sex, masturbation or even talking about hanky panky. For some this may sound extreme, but it works for me. Chastity has allowed me to find myself, and most importantly, to reconnect with my higher power”. Read More…



NY Daily News

Fall 2011 Fashion Week: On the Corner

by Jordan Teicher

February 17, 2011

Though it’s been about five years since Ivy Julease Newman, 28, moved to New York, the notion of wearing all black is still foreign to her. “I’m Southern…Southern people like to wear colors.” When she wants to feel beautiful, she chooses clothes in fuchsia, deep reds and purples. Most of the time, though, she goes with whatever stands out when she opens her closet. “I don’t force myself to get ultra-glamorous if I don’t feel like it,” she says. “Some days require flats, no heels. Other days, you wake up and you say, ‘I want to feel like a superstar.” When it comes to shopping, she also relies on instinct. “If I see something I like, I get it,” she says. “I wouldn’t even know the name of the store I went into.” Since coming to the city from Richmond, Va. Newman has taken more risk with her style. She’s traded in her church stockings for bolder pieces, including her favorite show-stopping orange silk jacket. Working in the arts community, she says, has given her the forum to try new looks. “Anything goes, as long as you can be comfortable in it and you can just rock it.”


Midwest Book Review

by Michael Dunfords (Oregon, WI USA)

January 9, 2011

It’s hard to balance to search for love and the lust for sex for many women. “A Space Called Chastity: A Message for Unmarried Women on God, Sex, and Relationships” is a discussion from Ivy Julease Newman who encourages women to evaluate why they delve into sex before marriage and where it stands with God. A thoughtful read for Christian women, “A Space Called Chastity” is spiritual and inspirational, recommended. Read More…


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