“Our churches are filled with single women who feel a sense of loss and loneliness. Our communities are filled with young girls who are struggling to understand their relationships and sexuality. And the Bible can appear to be a compilation of scriptures that scarcely address the issues of sex, relationships and single women.

“God has purposed me to reach the hearts of single women around the world and encourage them into their purpose. He has gifted me with His wisdom to interpret scripture for the modern women and lead them to live Christ-centered lives.

“Please, join me in this spiritual journey to help, heal and provide hope to single women across the globe.”



Ivy Julease Newman is a national speaker and author who inspires women to take beneficial actions to explore intimacy with God. Her honesty, humor and comprehension of God’s Word encourages women to discover biblical answers to essential questions about sex and dating. Ivy Julease’s latest book, A Space Called Chastity has received the iUniverse Editor’s Choice Award and the Rising Star Award. Recently she was featured on ESSENCE.com and appeared as an on-air guest for WHCR 90.3FM (NYC) and WBGO 96.3FM (DC), discussing the book and her journey in chastity. In 2013, A Space Called Chastity was translated into Portuguese under the title Um Espaço Chamado Castidade (UPBooks), and Ivy Julease has a growing following of Brazilian women, as she travels as a missionary who teaches on the subjects of chastity and singleness.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She received a Bachelor’s of Music in composition from Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, Ohio), and earned an M.A. in Arts Administration from Columbia University, Teachers College,  Ivy is the founder and president of The Viney Group — a boutique marketing management firm that services small businesses, non-profits and start-ups.  A Space Called Chastity is one of several projects that fall under the purview of The Viney Group. Ivy resides in New York City.