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Are your romantic relationships in alignment with your purpose? 

How desperate are you to fall in love?

What does God think about your sexual desires? 



This groundbreaking book takes you on a journey away from highly sexualized media and “expert” advice, challenging you to turn inward and discover God’s answers to the most essential questions about sex and dating.

Written primarily as a guide for unmarried Christian women, A Space Called Chastity is a tool that will help you identify and evaluate the sexual desires and intimate relationships that impact you spiritually. This refreshing new work gives practical insight into the most common situations unmarried women find themselves in, relating them to biblical principles and, ultimately, God’s love. From helpful solutions to coping with sexual urges and testimonies from women about their relationships with men, A Space Called Chastity serves as a word of encouragement for you to go out, reclaim your passions, and move forward into your purposeful future.

A Space Called Chastity is published in both English and Portuguese (Brazil).



Para Brasileiras…

Tenha uma idéia do que é “Um Espaço Chamado Castidade”, visualizando as primeiras páginas do livro, antes de fazer sua compra. Esta pre-visualização inclui a capa, contracapa, Índice e Introdução.

Versão em Português